Mobile Strike Cheats And Tricks To Get Free Gold

mobile strike tips and cheatgs

The best tricks and tips for Mobile Strike together in this post. This free MMO game for Android and iPhone consists of building one, entering into an alliance with other players and fighting against enemies from around the world. It is known mainly by the campaign carried out by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But here we will not describe the game but we will try some tricks and tips to win more gold and take advantage of new updates and missions.

Open the boxes of supplies

In the screen of your base city, look for the box of blue supplies just in the bottom corner on the left. Open it because there you will find rewards simply by being active, by playing and performing this task. The timer tells you how long you have to wait before you can pick it up again.

There is no reason not to take advantage of this trick that will allow you to earn more gold.

Join an alliance

No doubt, go it alone and just be tremendously dangerous for Mobile Strike . It is important to understand that it is a game where team play is important, diplomacy, strategy and coordination.

Ask for troops and help your friends. This will accelerate the construction, healing units and research, saving you a cash expense.

As the venue rises, more slots are achieved. The embassy will send reinforcements to allied bases.

Another aspect to take into account is the purchase of gold packages, which increase replenishment which in turn serves to get better rewards.

Be a premium player

Being a premium player has great advantages so consider being one. Although you can play perfectly without buying anything but it is quite profitable in terms of cost / benefit.

In this way it is achieved of everything although we will emphasize the power to accelerate the times, immediate construction, etc.

Complete all daily, alliance and VIP quests

In the game there are a series of highly recommended and productive missions. Complete them all.

You also have the possibility to get new ones, refreshing the daily quests, although this will cost you 800 gold. It’s quite expensive though if that’s only for when you get over the gold …

Get Commander Level

Level up gains skill points, which are then used to improve your skills. There are abilities that improve the base and others improve the combat. According to the strategy taken you can invest more in one than in another but the 2 are important. For example United Nations makes you build faster, or Reduced energy costs, on the other hand, allows you to save energy consumption.

Upgrade your base

The initial 24 – hour protection soon ends and must be prepared in Mobile Strike┬áhack. Soon you will receive attacks and you must be prepared creating a good defense of your base.

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