Episode Guide – Choose your Story, gems, passes and best stories

Episode Guide - Choose your Story, gems, passes and best stories

With our Episode – Choose your Story guide we will give you some tips on how to create your own stories and what are the best stories in Spanish of this popular application.

If you like adventure conversations do not miss Episode – Choose your Story, downloading the application you will have access to a lot of stories made by other authors and the developers of the game, but the best thing about the game is that you can develop your own and See how thousands of readers discover your digital writings.

Episode – Choose your Story has stories in several languages ​​and various themes, although the main topics you will find are the romantic, horror, science fiction and adaptations of other works. Of course, keep in mind when looking for stories in Spanish that Episode – Choose your Story does not accept the inclusion of eñes or accents, so be permissive with the authors and support them in your social networks without taking these limitations into account.

In our Episode Guide – Choose your Story you will discover a large library of stories in Spanish

The first thing you have to do is go to this link and download the application. Once we have it, it is time to read. First we will recommend the stories in Spanish that we liked the most, and then we will give you tips to develop yours. Also you can use this Episode Choose your story hack online generator tool to get free resources on your game.

Episode Guide – Choose Your Story – The Best Stories in Spanish

The first thing we recommend is that if you like a story you save it in favorites before you leave it. The search engine Episode – Choose your Story does not go very thin and it is possible that if you want to find the story later it is very difficult to locate it.

For us, the best stories for Episode – Choose your Story are: Love, Sex and Passion, The Story of Two Hearts and Hide. We recommend you start with Hide. In this story you are a girl who lives in a world full of monsters, and you end up becoming one. In The Story of Two Hearts you will live the adventure of Sam, enamored of his love friend. Throughout the story you will know how this ends.

To top it off, we recommend the most read story for Episode – Choose your Story: Love, Sex and Passion, which you will like if you are about to enter the university, just what this text tells. After reading these is the time to create our own story.

We recommend the best stories for Episode – Choose your Story

Before starting to write and choose the graphic style of our history we recommend that you read several and keep in mind that the title of the work will influence how much is found and read. Our first tip is that if you are going to make a graphic novel in Spanish add the word “Spanish” in the title.

Episode Guide – Choose Your Story – How to Create Your Own Story

To create your story in Episode – Choose your Story you have it very easy, just enter the application, open the drop-down that appears on the top left and scroll to the bottom of the menu. Clicking on create will start the editor. With it you can choose your characters protagonists, scenarios, dialogues and the emotions they project when speaking.

Episode – Choose your Story will make you complete scene after scene until you reach a conclusion that will end the adventure. So far there are no secrets but what tricks can we use to make our story in Episode Choose your Story a success? To begin, choose the title well. Choose one that is descriptive and suggestive rather than a term in English or an invented word. If you add the words “love”, “sex”, “Spanish”, “romantic”, etc. you will have a higher reading rate.

Prepare short stories with a good title

Before you start working with the application, write your story on the computer or on paper, think about the personality of your protagonists, your goals, your dreams and desires, define them well in your mind before moving to the editor. When preparing your story do not try to make a great novel, but short stories, because with the animations and transitions the game can be made long.

Episode Guide – Choose Your Story – Tips to Create Your Own Story

To choose the theme choose a costumbrista with a situation with which the reader can identify, introducing quickly a conflict that animates things: the presence of a love, a mystery or a supernatural element. Dedicate the rest of the book to solve it but always leave an open end, as the grace of Episode – Choose your Story is to prepare several independent chapters instead of a great novel.

Once you have it ready you only have to publish it and share it in your social networks. Be receptive to the comments that you make and take advantage of them for the realization of your next chapter, thus you will create a great work that will be very read.

And how do you get gems and passes in Episode Choose your Story? Let’s talk about it

But as you already know, there is a fundamental element to be able to enjoy all the stories in Spanish that brings Episode – Choose your Story: the gems and the passes. Now let’s talk about the tricks to get both game coins.

Episode Guide – Choose Your Story – Tips for getting gems and passes

Getting gems and free passes in Episode – Choose your story is achieved in several ways. You can wait for them to self-generate themselves and also to overcome the challenges presented by the game. For example, sometimes you will see a very entertaining one that will force you to read five chapters in exchange for an extra pass.

If these two ways do not suit you, we recommend you to get passes and gems go to google and do the search. There are many communities and facebook pages that will be delighted to give them if you join their ranks, which in the end will allow you to meet other creators and readers of Episode – Choose your Story. What we do not recommend is that you resort to hacks, as they spoil the gaming experience.

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