General Attack and Defense Tips (Pro Evolution Soccer 2017)


We have reviewed practically everything: game modes, training, editor, dribbling, fouls … we lack to know how to capture during the match what we learned with this guide. This section is based more on personal experiences than rules, since each one has its style of game, but we hope to give useful advice on how to take the attack to good port while maintaining the goal to zero thanks to a good defense.


The important thing, however obvious it may be, is to know how to move the ball. PES 2017 is not a game of backlash, but of elaborate plays. It is not as effective as before to break lines with a deep pass using the Y button. Now you have to touch and touch the ball, looking mainly to control the pass well to be able to turn with guarantees.

If we do not have enough space to turn around because the opposite is over, it is preferable to touch back or look for alternatives to throw the wall. With corpulent players we can hold the ball with the right stick, waiting for someone to come and help us. If on the contrary we receive with a fast and technical player we can try to leave first, even with a hat by pressing the right stick and orienting the left towards the direction chosen to run. We must also take into account the position of our sides, especially since they usually go up without having a marker on them, so it is not a bad option as a resource to win meters and advance a couple of lines.

A good alternative to move fast is to use the walls with LB + A, without despairing to return them, but more as an option to activate the attack and have players unchecked continuously. If we see a gap, we can always use the Y or LB + Y button to draw a pass in depth above or below ground, depending on how many defenses we have to dodge.

When we have a choice of shooting, we always think of the available hole. To kick hard we need the clear front, either taking a run for a couple of meters facing the goal or by moving in RT + two flips forward with the right stick. Also, if we are in the vertex of the area and we have a good profile, we can test the controlled shot, with RT + X, to look for the long stick with the inside of the foot. It is easier to enter at medium or low height than above, since the ball usually draws a too pronounced parabola that gives time to spare the goalkeeper to stand. In short, try the shots. Goalkeepers make big stops, but they usually clear, and this PES 2017 is a game where the second chances are very habitual after a rejection. Oh, and if you want more randomness and power, put the shots in manual.

Look for the rival’s fault. The artificial intelligence knows how to get the ball very well, but if we press the possible pass we can end up cornering the opposite. To do this, do not obsess about running with RB and button A pressed for contact with the rival, but save the distances and use the X button to press with a second player. If you intuit the exit of the defense, you can get to anticipate and steal, either by a desperate pass from them or because you see the right moment to insert the leg by pressing the button twice.

Always remember that you can advance the ball to boost your sprint by touching twice RB plus the race direction. And sometimes, in a divided ball, if you have made a hasty decision or want to change direction, you can use the “Super cancel” movement, activated by pressing both RB and RT. If you choose to play for the band, you can decide the height of the center, pressing B twice to hang at half height, or RT + B if you want a ball pumped. It’s hard to shoot head-to-head, and almost all the shots are usually with the foot in acrobatics, so as advice, look for strong balls.

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We have barely talked about corner looting in this guide. Like the fouls, use the dotted line system to choose direction. On the foul throws, to score we need a mix between a good pitcher and above all accuracy when giving power to the shot. With the corners however, the important thing is that the ball takes a straight path to shoot hard, because the optimum head shots are quite rare to see.

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The key to stealing the ball in PES 2017 is to top with the button A and press it twice when we think it is time to stick the leg without committing a foul. Do not obsess running behind the forwards, try to plug holes and have a second player press with the X button, pressing twice if you want to steal. It is more important to intuit and recuse in time than to go crazy, because any failure can open a gap too sweet for the rival forward.

If you are in a race in parallel with your side against the end of the opposing team, as soon as you have opportunity you can use the B button to throw you into a mowing and clear the ball through the band. It is an extreme resource and most fouls and penalties come from an entrance like that at the wrong time, so always look at the ball and mentally calculate the time to press B to throw you. If you do it with time and a correct distance, you can collect the ball as if you were a spoon, to get up and regain control.

Before a center or a pass looking for a shot, you can always follow the rival’s career with the left stick. At the time of the pass you can cover the path with another touch to the left stick, so that your player stretches the leg or the trunk and intercepts the pass. Actually, all these movements want to avoid major evils or last-minute decisions. Being cautious and intuiting the intention of the opponent is the key. If the center is done, clear with the X button to the desperate or with A if you want to direct the ball to a partner.

You can help the crossbar to the left or right to order your team to go up or down. You can even force the offside tactic by double-clicking the crossbar to the right or left, depending on which side you attack. If you play with the defense very advanced is very careful, try to have a mediocentro big enough so that they do not surprise you in a play of two or three passes after a goalkeeper’s throw or a long throw of the defense.

In this PES there is a tendency to batiburrillos in the middle of the field where confusion reigns, so as advice that also serves for real football, fix your eyes on the ball and try to oxygenate the bands. Sometimes a 30-meter change of game can help regain the sense of a play. And in many cases can propitiate a counter, so linking with the attack, look at the unfolding of your sides, are the best allies for a good counterattack.

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If you are very brave you can handle the goalkeeper manually. With LT + press the right stick to activate its operation. We will block with B more direction and we will enter to the feet pressing twice A. It is not very advisable if it does not give us very well, since to rely on the CPU for these lides is a good decision, but if it is something vocational, go ahead.

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