Brawl Stars Cheats for Free Gems and Gold Coins

Brawl Stars Cheats for Free Gems and Gold Coins

Gold is very important in Brawl Stars you are given that does not serve for a lot of things like opening boxes, getting new heroes, elixir and more. If you want to know how to get free gold in Brawl Stars do not miss our guide with the best tricks, and remember that you have many more tricks in our guide with tricks, tips and strategies for Brawl Stars

How to get free gold in Brawl Stars

We have a lot of options to get free coins in Brawl Stars and here we show you the most important, but above all a warning: be careful with the hacks to get free coins in Brawl Stars because you can ban the game !:

  • Multiplayer Events

The game has different multiplayer events that are rotating every 24 hours and in which we can get enough free gold. Simply by participating in these events and although we lose we will win gold coins, however it is preferable to win since we will get more amount of gold.

In addition we can get even more gold if we manage to unlock some of the bonuses available according to our victories, if we manage to level or first win. Likewise sometimes we can use improvements of 50% or multiply by 2 the obtained coins.

  • Daily events

Every day we can get free gold coins when accessing the game , and we can see these events available in the challenges window. After seeing what we can play is as simple as clicking on any event available to get the coins.

  • Pay gems to get more gold

In Brawl Stars we can get 50% more gems for 15 days if we use 50 gems in exchange , so if you have many gems think about it use them to get much more gold.

  • Get free gold in Brawl stars with repeated Brawlers

When we open a safe and we see that we have a brawler we already had we can turn it into another type of resource among which is of course to get gold in return.

  • Level up your Brawlers also has a prize

Each time we manage to level up our heroes we get 20 free coins in return, however this is increasingly difficult as we are higher level, so try to raise all your level Brawlers even if only up to level 5 given That these levels are very simple to overcome.

  • Raise your player level to get free coins in brawl stars

If you look closely you can see that in your profile there is a blue star icon where you indicate your level of player and the remaining experience to reach a new level, so when you finally get to raise your player level in the Game you get 20 coins free , so try to win as many battles as you can.

Have not you already downloaded Brawl Stars? The game for now is only available on iOS, and if you want to download it here we explain how to do it . Also, if you know more tricks for Brawl Stars do not forget to leave them in the comments, and if you liked the tricks, share the guide in your social networks !.

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